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Digital Marketing Audit – Why it will help your business

Digital Marketing is more than just a job, it has become some what of an art form in recent years; with such a huge audience and an abundance of tools to be used finding a way to stand out from the crowd is paramount. These newly added pressures often mean marketers are jumping into marketing plans before they are ready just because they have had a good idea, but the take it and run approach doesn’t always work.

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7 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Digital Marketing In 2016

We are all aware that digital marketing is a “must have” for today’s modern business. The digital age comes with a new set of problems, technologies, strategies, and opportunities businesses need to leverage in order to maintain a competitive edge. Luckily, Media Solutions is here to help you walk through the path to digital righteousness by providing you eager SMEs with what you shouldn’t do in today’s digital marketplace.

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Why Radio is still Important in Today’s Marketing Practices

Although today’s digital landscape has evolved into a multitude of channels revolving around IOT (Internet of Things), radio is still playing a prominent role in marketing strategies. Within the UAE, radio continues to thrive in the car and is perhaps the single most important listening environment for listeners to consume content that is relevant in their daily lives. Compared to 5 years ago, the total listening hours per week has remained stable which gives some insight that radio isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

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Digital Customer Service Is Accelerating

When we are seeking to contact a certain brand or business, “I’ll send them a Facebook message, it’s faster” is a phrase many of us will use when they want to contact them. Social media channels can be seen as a digital customer service center. Digital customer service centers are probably one of the finest revolutions of the Internet. Today, whether we like it or not, all of our customers are online and it’s up to us to ensure we are there with them. Our customers are interacting through multiple channels irrespective of time, place, device or medium, it’s important that companies are present for their customer’s digital experience, especially if something goes wrong.

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