Digital Customer Service Is Accelerating

Digital Customer Service Is Accelerating

When we are seeking to contact a certain brand or business, “I’ll send them a Facebook message, it’s faster” is a phrase many of us will use when they want to contact them. Social media channels can be seen as a digital customer service center. Digital customer service centers are probably one of the finest revolutions of the Internet. Today, whether we like it or not, all of our customers are online and it’s up to us to ensure we are there with them. Our customers are interacting through multiple channels irrespective of time, place, device or medium, it’s important that companies are present for their customer’s digital experience, especially if something goes wrong.

Although word of mouth and verbal recommendations are still relevant, most of us would prefer logging online and finding our own information through our own search preferences.As the number of social media platforms increase, they too play the role in search engines where customers can conduct company information discovery and ascertain ratings and reviews of other customers’ experiences.

Current trends reveal a rise in the number of businesses who are responding to customer queries. Leading tech based firms Zomato and Trip Advisor are prime examples where the utilization of blogs, forums and social sites accumulate customer queries. These platforms have been exceptional in generating community based data aggregation, however the negative effect from not managing your online tools can be very damaging.

Similar to sustaining more traditional customer service channels, a digital customer service requires human resources and time. In today’s digital age, real-time data has flourished. Similarly the expectation for instantaneous answers is on the consumer agenda. We all know how frustrating it can be when you keep getting redirected to various different people because no one has the answer to your question. The key factor to ensuring a top notch user experience is ensuring a dedicated online reputation manager who has know-how of your business and has access to each platform. Consequently, this allows for a more immediate response, which is why customers say, “I’ll send them a Facebook message, it’s faster”.

Here at Media Solutions Digital, we provide a customer listening service for our clients. This means that we constantly monitor pages for unanswered messages and comments, and reply on behalf of the client. While our clients focus on putting their customers first, we focus on putting our clients first.