Digital Marketing Audit – Why it will help your business

Digital Marketing Audit – Why it will help your business

Digital Marketing is more than just a job, it has become some what of an art form in recent years; with such a huge audience and an abundance of tools to be used finding a way to stand out from the crowd is paramount. These newly added pressures often mean marketers are jumping into marketing plans before they are ready just because they have had a good idea, but the take it and run approach doesn’t always work. Enter the digital marketing audit; the savior of wasted time and money that will provide marketers with the insights they need to understand their digital marketing investments, highlighting gaps in their strategy and how they can accelerate their ROI while highlighting critical issues.

Staying current and up to date in this fast changing industry can seem like a daunting task, with new technology, theories and methodologies appearing almost daily the job of a digital marketer is to stay ahead of the game and keep the creativity flowing. Falling behind on current trends and tools can mean failed engagement, a lack of lead generation and devaluing of their brand.

At Media Solutions Digital, our digital marketing audits aim to provide clients with recommendations that:

  • Save Money - decrease waste spending by eradicating misaligned strategies, mismatched vendors, and resource gaps and provide only the most streamlined plans.
  • Optimize ROI – from staff optimization and vendor selection to the ideal marketing mix we find the best output balance for unbeatable results.
  • Beat the Competition - detailed planning and roadmaps that provide clear strategies for market differentiation and superiority, making our clients brands stand out from the crowd.


Our digital audits are designed for brands using digital media intensively, companies with an abundance of digital experience who need external support from a digital marketing agency – independent of their in-house team – to deliver key recommendations for how to achieve bigger and better results without having to stretch to bigger budgets.

What do we analyze in a Media Solutions Digtial Audit?


  • Where you currently rank
  • Online presence



  • Website usability – responsiveness of web pages/buyers journey
  • Social platforms and their operation status



  • How strong are your content assets? Text, Graphics, Video, Applications



  • Are the right strategies in place to convert customers?
  • Quality and functionality of forms, Blogs, CTA’s



  • Analyze the connection of all online and offline touch points



  • Measure the objectives in place for awareness, influence, engagement and action.


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