Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy for Ramadan?

Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy for Ramadan?

Ramadan is a joyous month of reflection and spending more quality time with family and friends. However, this is also a special time for a different reason… particularly for us digital marketers.

As a digital marketer, we are ‘hungry’ for statistics about our customer’s online behaviors. We are aware that Ramadan is a great opportunity to attract more customers because of the huge increase in social media usage consistently seen during this holy month.

We want to know when the best time to target our customers is and how. From our current observations and previous statistics obtained, we know that there is a significant increase in activity from 7:30pm in the UAE, and 9:30pm in KSA. Nearly 50% of this activity in conducted on a mobile device and the word Ramadan has nearly 1 million searches on google during this period. This is vital information to include in delivering our strategy as people generally have more free time to browse online during Ramadan.

In order to optimize digital marketing best practices for brand engagement during this holy month, we must adapt to our audiences changes in behavior by displaying feel good content to suit their cheerful state of mind. Mobile devices and social media will be quite extensively used. But instead of letting people individually socialise with their virtual circles, in isolation, our generated content should use the power of technology to help them enjoy the company of real people in real time to become more engaging.

If your strategy is able to tap into the enjoyment around these Ramadan activities and search terms, you will be a brand they will remember, and carry with them wherever they go, accessible at the simple touch of a screen.