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The Importance of Social Sharing

It is not enough to just have a social presence for your business anymore. One of the primary objectives is to get people to talk about it and share your content with others. With Facebook implementing their most recent algorithm change, which balances content from friends vs brand pages in our News Feed, marketers need to understand that we are competing attention in the social world. To quote Facebook; “content posted directly by the friends you care about, such as photos, videos, status updates or links, will be higher up in News Feed so you are less likely to miss it.”

Does This Affect Your Brand?
YES - Social sharing has already surpassed the forward-to-a-friend email option of the past. This algorithm change should have impacted your brand’s content marketing strategy. Your daily page posts won’t have gathered as much organic visibility through likes and comments as they did before. If you’ve reviewed your firms Facebook Insights, your organic reach and engagement will have dropped significantly. The truth is that Facebook is a paid platform.

Your business can, and should, be benefiting from social sharing.
Due to the congested news feed on most of our Facebooks, it has become more and more difficult for potential customers to find quality within the quantity of messages. How do you stand out with the multitude of content? As brands, we need to keep focusing on interest-based quality content that people will want to share. The rule of thumb should be: If you are not willing to share it on your personal profile, then don’t post it. With the current news feed change, content will only be visible if the person has an affinity with the subject matter.

Revisit your social content marketing strategy. Content for each platform needs to be targeted and supported with clever paid promotion, so ensure you have the budget to compensate for the inevitable drop in organic reach for brand pages. Here at Media Solutions, we professionalize in targeted paid content to grain the brand awareness you deserve. We work with you diligently on your digital strategy to provide you with measurable analytics and results that matter.

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About the Author

Ronan Donegan - Head of Digital
Ronan has 9 years’ experience in digital marketing across multiple industries including healthcare, hospitality, F&B, finance, leisure and luxury. He has a keen interest in all things digital and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends.