Date: November 2012

Launch Project

The Brief
Jalboot ferry – the emirate’s only private scheduled passenger service - covers 100 kilometers of scenic waterway in and around Abu Dhabi and provides tourists and residents alike a new perspective of the UAE capital and its surroundings. Jalboot Marine Network LLC partnered with Media Solutions Digital to develop their digital presence, as well as general awareness within the UAE and surrounding regions.

The Challenge
To implement a full measurable strategy across all digital platforms to include Social, SEO, Website Content, PPC and enhanced AdWords campaigns to drive traffic to the website. Abu Dhabi is a desired tourism destination, we had to ensure through our enhanced targeting strategies that we could create brand awareness for visiting tourists in their respective home countries, as well as UAE residents to use Jalboot as a service of choice. We created new Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels to be exploited as strong communication tools. Through our social media channels, we wanted to create a theme that would differentiate Jalboot from any competitors in the market, which would also include a segmented strategy for each social channel to target specific users. Through graphics and video we created alternative views of Abu Dhabi from Jalboot that were both captivating and engaging across each social platform.

Additionally, for the website, we installed Google Tag Manager and ensured our client knew how to maximize its functionality to integrate with their marketing efforts. By installing Google Tag Manager, lined Analytics and FB Pixels, this allowed us to track and measure the effectiveness of all digital campaigns to ensure all campaigns were measurable.

The site has becoming an integral asset for Jalboot and is projected to perform even better in the next quarter; a trend we hope to see continue for 2016. Social media channels have seen an excellent increase across each platform in terms of engagement, but also as a main sales tool.