• Unique – Engaging – Impactful - Sharable

    We create a variety of content from social media monthly plans to optimum web content

    Content marketing is an integral part of all digital campaigns to generate brand exposure and provides your customers with a great resource for shareable content. Brands need to become compelling story tellers in order to attract buyers for your products and services. Modern brands create multimedia content in order to attract and engage with their potential buyers. Content creation is in our DNA. We make sure our client’s content meets the objectives of the brand and the needs of the audience by working closely with our clients to become a seamless extension of their brand.

    We have an in-house content creation and editing team that work together to create high quality content to help attract and convert potential buyers into customers. The exact form of the content to be created will depend on the #inboundmarketing strategy we deploy for your business. Our strategy goals are always straight forward - create the content that users will use themselves. This means focusing on quality, suitability, and shareability, so search engines see you as a valuable brand for organic search rankings, and your customers see you as a valuable industry leader.

    Our origins are from a traditional #PR agency in Dubai. Taking the skills of a traditional #pr agency and converting it into a modern era #inboundmarketing agency, demonstrates our ability to transition from the old way of doing things, to a modern technology driven #digitalagency in Dubai. And so should you.

    We can create an extensive variety of content, including: Social media monthly plans, white papers, blogs, eBooks, website, product descriptions, infographics, case studies, press releases, timelines, FAQs and news bites.

    Talk to us about your specific campaign requirements and strategy.

  • Social Media Agency Dubai

    Our content team is skilled at re-purposing the same content across multiple platforms

    #Socialmedia is a powerful medium to acquire and engage with new customers. Sharing the powerful content created by us on #socialmedia channels keeps customers engaged with your brand on an on-going basis.

    Our #socialmedia team is skilled at utilizing the same content created from our message hierarchy and re-purposing it for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and any other #socialmedia platform. We create a monthly social media calendar for you to approve in advance that feeds into our campaign strategies to ensure we’re using the best combination of paid, owned and earned media to reach your audience. We then create the insightful images and posts, queue them up for posting on each of the #socialmedia channels and ensure they reach their targeted audience. Put simply, our social media campaigns are developed to ensure we get the right people talking about you and the messages that you want to convey.

    We create our social campaigns with insight at their core to ensure that we’re reaching and engaging with the right target audience by putting you at the center of the online conversations that matter to your brand and your audience. We monitor your channels and prepare reports, keeping KPIs in mind, to analyze how much engagement your social media strategy is generating. We do not just report on the engagement and growth levels your brand is achieving, but on the revenue that our PR and Social activity is directly driving.

  • Social Media Advertising

    Media Solutions #socialmedia team is skilled at utilizing the same content created from our message hierarchy and re-purposing it for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and any other #socialmedia platform.

    Social media advertising has become a key component of our social strategies, with our brands leveraging Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn to expand the reach of their paid search campaigns, share their stories and build a rapport with their customers and prospects. We use Social advertising to create truly relevant and engaging micro-targeted adverts that will possibly be shared between users. As soon as we have defined your objectives, we create a strategy that will help to reach your KPIs and targets. We then work with you to define your audience targeting criteria and get to work on creating measurable adverts that have impact and drive results. Your campaigns are continually reviewed and refined in order to maximize performance for your budget through our routine A to B testing.

    The wealth of information that customers and prospects share in their personal social profiles makes it possible to reach your audience in a way that cannot be done anywhere else. In turn, permitting the creation of truly relevant and engaging micro-targeted ads. The bonus side to creating truly engaging social adverts is the potential for your content to be shared between users across the social channels.

  • Innovative Designs

    We have a team of talented photographers and videographers who have a sharp eye for production

    Digital Visual Merchandising is just as important as the functionality and accessibility of your web site. If your business is product focused, your customers can not touch them, it’s vital that you provide a strong connecting visual experience that will catch them through their screen.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, as is a meaningful video. It represents the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. From initial concept work and presentation visuals, our designers are experts at interpreting a brief, using their experience to deliver a creative solution which meets every objective.

    We have an internal team of talented photographers and videographers who have a sharp eye for production. They will literally embed your photo/video file so that will be perfectly framed into your web site or social channel.

  • Video Content

    Video content is now making it into every interaction we are making online. From live video feeds on Facebook, and the continued popularity of video on Twitter and Instagram, to the availability of high definition video on every mobile device, video is essential for every digital strategy. Exploiting video content in email marketing will reduce unsubscribe rates and lead to increases in open rates and click-through rates. They are an effective resource for marketers to build brand awareness, lead generation and online engagement.